Juan Sebastian Vassallo

 Composer - Pianist - Media Artist 

Current projects

Sounding Philosophy

Leaded by Daniel Biro (University of Bergen) and Catherine Geunes (University of Stavanger), Sounding Philosophy is an interdisciplinary research project combining the fields of music, dance, visual arts, philosophy and science. The project integrates these fields, investigating how recent theories of emergence, reason and the mind can be approached from creative, metaphysical and scientific standpoints. The project integrate artistic research with the humanities and sciences into the study programs of the Grieg Academy and University of Stavanger, thereby seeking to strengthen collaboration and interaction between teachers, students and institutions as well as across disciplines and genres.


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The project “Versificator” is conceived as a metaphor for and a manner of bringing alive the original versificator, a fictional device created by George Orwell in the novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (1949) whose primary purpose was to act as an automated generator for both literature and music: The core of the piece consists of a set of modular automated generators programmed in Max MSP, that generate text strings in the form of non-lexical words, sets of vowels and sets of consonants. The musical material is created by the utilization of computer-assisted compositional tools that analyze the generated text and map phonetic information into musical elements, such as pitches and durations. In the final stage of the system, text and music are merged and a full score is rendered, feasible of being performed by a vocal ensemble.
Azul 514

Based in Villa Mercedes, Argentina, Azul 514 is an experimental music group that proposes a new aesthetic, from a practice immersed in the Live Project. The core of the artistic proposal is the use of digital technology for the creation (synthesis) and real-time processing of sound, coupled with instrumental improvisation and chance. As a result of this interaction, unpredictable and unrepeatable musical and sound spaces are constructed in each session.
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Based in Justo Daract, Argentina, La Sanluistango is an artistic company composed of orchestra, singers and dancers. Born in Justo Daract (province of San Luis, Argentina) in 2008 and since then to the present has successfully performed 10 international tours across more than 24 countries, performing in the main theaters in America and Europe. 
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Camerata de la Luna
Based in Villa Mercedes, Argentina, the vocal group Camerata de La Luna started in 2003 with the concern of promoting the interpretation and diffusion of the universal choral repertoire.
Their repertoire includes works by academic composers of different styles and eras as well as pieces of the Argentine and Latin American folkloric repertoire. They have also performed longer and more complex pieces within the symphonic choral genre: Vivaldi's Gloria, Bach's Cantata No. 106, Felix Mendelssohn's Psalm 48, Mozart's Requiem and Vespers of Dominica, among others. 
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