Juan Sebastian Vassallo

 Composer - Pianist - Media Artist 


Juan Sebastián Vassallo (b. 1984, Villa Mercedes, Argentina) is a composer, pianist and media artist. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition (National University of Córdoba, Argentina) and he graduated from the Provincial Conservatory of Music of Córdoba (Argentina) in  piano. He obtained his Master's degree at the University of Victoria (Canada) and currently he is pursuing his PhD in Artistic Research at the University of Bergen (Norway). 

Currently integrates the "Azul 514" project which proposes an approach to the musical and sound phenomenon from the interaction between digital synthesis and real-time processing of sound, coupled with instrumental improvisation and randomness, which results in new musical and sound spaces not predictable and unrepeatable in each session. At the same time, this project is characterized by its collaborative and interdisciplinary artistic proposals, based on research about the production possibilities that arise between traditional expressions in interaction with new media and technological devices.

Parallel to this, he develops an intense activity as a pianist and arranger of Tango. He has participated in many albums as pianist and arranger, and together with the Orchestra "Sanluistango", they have carried out several international tours, performing in some of the most important venues of Europe and Latin America.

In 2012 he received a scholarship from the UNESCO-Aschberg Program to carry out an artistic residency at Virginia Center for Creative Arts VCCA (USA), and in 2014 by the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), through the IBERÚSICAS Program, to develop the "Cinco Soles" musical-choreographic project, at the Movement Research Center (New York, USA).


Some of his compositions have been awarded in national and international competitions. His work "Evolutions" for the symphony orchestra received the "Conseil du Pas de Calais" Prize at the 1st. Franco-Argentine contest of musical composition, organized by the Opal Sinfonietta Orchestra, from the city of Boulogne Sur Mer (France, 2012) . His work "Trivium Jazz Cuyano" received the "Outstanding Award" in the 9th. "Chengdu River Sun Prize" contest, organized by the Sichuan Conservatory (China) and the International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM, 2013). His work "Semblanza" (electroacoustic) received a special mention in the 1st. Contemporary Art Contest in celebration of the 30th. anniversary of the the return of democracy", organized by the Municipality of Villa Mercedes, in the category "Ephemeral Art" (2014). His sound installation "Retro-Alimento" received an honorable mention in the "2nd. Visual Arts Hall", organized by the Municipality of Villa Mercedes, San Luis (2015). Recently, his work "Deconstructions" for human voice, synthetic voice and visuals was selected to be part of the 1st. Art and technology show, organized by the National Endowment for the Arts at the Kirchner Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina) between June and December 2019.

He has performed as a piano soloist in venues in Argentina, Chile and the United States. As pianist and co-director of the Camerata de la Luna Vocal Group, among his numerous performances, stands the tour of the Basque Country (Spain), officially invited by the Basque Government, as cultural ambassadors of the province of San Luís, and the obtaining in 2016 of the first prize in the category "mixed choir" in the international choir contest "San Juan Coral 2016", which is why the Honorable Deliberative Council of the City of Villa Mercedes declared them "Cultural Ambassadors of the City and the Province of San Luis".

He has served as head professor of piano at the Institute of Continuing Teacher Training (IFDC)  in the city of Villa Mercedes (Argentina) and as an assistant professor of composition in the department of music at the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Córdoba (Argentina). He has worked as assistant professor of piano and repertoire for singer at the National University of La Rioja (Argentina) and as a teaching assistant at the University of Victoria (BC, Canada).

Curriculum Vitae

Juan Sebastian Vassallo

Relevant Skills

  • Composer and multimedia artist specialized in instrumental and electronic music, mixed media and interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • Research interests: Algorithmic tools for music composition and notation. Music perception and cognition. Music theory. Multimedia art.

  • Experience with programming languages: JavaScript, Node JS, C, C++, Max/MSP/Jitter. 

  • Pianist and arranger of Tango, jazz and Latin American traditional music.

  • Cultural administration, management and communication. 




  • 2020 – PhD candidate in Artistic Research - Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD), University of Bergen (UiB) Norway

  • 2019 – MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (MUS and PSYC) - University of Victoria (BC, Canada)

  • 2013 – BMus in Music Composition - National University of Córdoba (Argentina).

  • 2008 – BMus in Music Education - National University of Córdoba, (Argentina).

  • 2007 – Educational Diploma in Piano - Provincial Conservatory of Córdoba (Argentina).


Work experience

  • 2020 - Artistic Research Fellow - KMD - University of Bergen (UiB) Norway

    • Academic duties:

    • Instructor. Course: MUV 281 - Newer Composition Techniques, For Performers. (Fall/Spring, 2021/2022)

    • Individual supervision in composition: Bachelor’s and Master’s students (2020/2021/2022).

  • 2020 (Dec - Mar) – Music transcriber for the British Columbia Folklore Society.

  • 2019 (Sept – Dec) – Campaign assistant for the United Way UVic campaign 2019.

  • 2019 – Academic tutor (Learning Assistnce Program - Univerity of Victoria).

  • 2017-2018 – Teaching assistant at UVic School of Music:

    • 2019 (Sept – Dec) – In charge of the Music Education Resources Room. Supervisor: Dr. Steven Capaldo.

    • 2018 (Sept – April) – Choir. MUS 180E / 280E / 380E / 480E / 580E. Instructor: Dr. Adam Con / Dr. Elizabeth MacIsaac.

    • 2017 (Sept – April) – MUS 120 A/B “History of western music: Middle age to baroque” Instructor: Dr. Elissa Poole.

    • 2017 (Jan – April) – MUS 201 A/B “Music theory: Harmony in the nineteenth century”. Instructor: David Clenman.

  • 2016-2019 – Pianist and arranger of the Tango Orchestra "Sanluistango"(www.facebook.com/sanluistango.argentina)

  • 2015 - Assistant Professor in Composition - Faculty of Arts. National University of Córdoba (Argentina).

  • 2012-2015 - Conductor and arranger of the Orchestra "Los inmortales del tango"

  • 2010 - Assistant Professor. Courses: “Repertory for singers”, “Complementary Piano I”, and “Preparatory piano”. School of music of the National University of La Rioja (Argentina).

  • 2009-2016 - Co-conductor and pianist of the Vocal Group "Camerata de la Luna"

  • 2008-2017 - Professor in Piano - Institute of Continuous Teacher Training (IFDC) - Villa Mercedes, San Luis (Argentina)




  • 2021 - Innovation grant – Norwegian Academy of Music – CEMPE. Project: ‘Sounding Philosophy’. Roll: Collaborator. Leader: Daniel Peter Biro.  

  • 2019 – UVic Graduate Fellowship – University of Victoria

  • 2018 – William Ross Holm Scholarship – University of Victoria

  • 2013 – Scholarship for artistic residency granted by OEI (Organization of Iberoamerican States). Institution: Movement Research Center. New York, USA.

  • 2012 – Scholarship for artistic residency - UNESCO-Aschberg Program. Institution: Virginia Center for Creative Arts, (Virginia, USA.



  • Upcoming:

  • 2021 – Summer Academy for Artistic Research (SAAR) coordinated by Uniarts Helsinki and governed by a joint Nordic Steering Group. Title of the presentation: “Versificator: Algorithmic poetry and music composition” August 8, 2021

  • 2021 – CARPA7 - Elastic Writing in Artistic Research - Performing Arts Research Center (Tutke), Uniarts Helsinki Theatre Academy. Title of the presentation: “Versificator: Algorithmic poetry and music composition”. August 27, 2021.

  • Past:

  • 2020 - Spring Artistic Research Forum organized by the Norway Research School (DIKU). Title of the presentation: "Seen Voices: A compositional exploration of audiovisual speech cues". 

  • 2020 - GRS online autumn course: "Materials, Methods and Ethics in Music Research" organized by the Grieg Research School at KMD (UiB) Title of the presentation: "An artistic exploration of speech as a bisensory perceptual phenomenon”

  • 2015 – Bienal 3 in Music Composition and Research organized by the Faculty of Arts. National University of Córdoba (Argentina). Abstract: “Improvisation and syncretism in the work TRIVIUM - Jazz cuyano”.

  • 2012 and 2014 – "Digital edition of Scores using the software Sibelius 7" Seminar organized by the Institute of Continuous Teacher Training (IFDC VM) - Villa Mercedes (S.L.) Argentina.

  • 2005 – “1st. National Journals in Popular Art” organized by the Faculty of Arts. National University of Córdoba (Argentina). Title of the presentation: “The early piano works of Alberto Ginastera”


Personal awards

  • 2015 – Special mention for the work “Retro-Alimento” (sound installation) in the "2nd. Visual Arts Exhibition" Casa de la Cultura, Villa Mercedes, San Luis (Argentina).

  • 2013 – Outstanding Award for the work “Trivium – Jazz Cuyano” in the 9th. Competition of composition Chengdu Sun River Prize (Conservatory of Sichuan, China) organized by the ISCM-International Society for Contemporary Music.

  • 2013 – Special Mention for the composition “Semblanza” in the Art Contest “In memory of the 30th. Anniversary of the return of the democracy”. Organized by the Honorable Deliberative Council of the city of Villa Mercedes, San Luis (Argentina).

  • 2012 – Prize "Conseil Du Pais de Calais" in the 1st. French-Argentine Contest of Music Composition, by the work "Evoluciones" for symphonic orchestra, organized by the Orchestra "Opal sinfonietta", Boulogne Sur Mer (France).


  • Group awards

  • 2016 – Fox Music Awards 2016 in the category: “Best fusion folk music” with the Orchestra “La Sanluistango” Houston, TX (USA).

  • 2016 – Golden Condor 2016 with the Tango Orchestra “Sanluistango, the highest distinction awarded by the International Tango Festival of Justo Daract (San Luis) Argentina.

  • 2016 – 1st prize in the category “Mixed choir” in the International Competition of Choirs “San Juan sings 2016” with the Vocal Group Camerata de la Luna. San Juan, Argentina.

  • 2016 – Nominated as ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ of the city of Villa Mercedes (San Luis) with the vocal group Camerata de la Luna, by the Deliberative Council of Villa Mercedes (San Luis) Argentina.